Rowing is a safe sport when conducted with due consideration for the risks inherent to any outdoor water sport. Collingwood Rowing Club is committed to ensuring that all members have a positive and safe experience. This page has been designed to assist coaches and athletes in ensuring that they row safe.

Safety videos

We ask all rowers to watch the Rowers Safety Video, made available by RCA. It might be a little long, but it's full of information that does need repeating so it sinks in BEFORE we get in trouble. For rowers interested in coaching, there is also a two-part specialized safety video. Watch videos here.

Safety Policy

Our most crucial safety rules are posted in and around the shed at the rowing compound. To get more details about certain rules, please read our Safety Policy.


For insurance reasons, every rower has to read and sign our Waiver each year. Please do so as soon as possible after signing up for the season.

Collingwood Harbour Traffic Flow Map

During practices, the rowing shells must follow a defined clockwise pattern in the harbour. This pattern takes in account water depths and various underwater hazards, as well as other users of the harbour. Please get acquainted with the Traffic Flow Map.

Coxie Handbook

As a coxswain, you're the boss. This means you have to know what you're doing. Whether you'd just like to try that very special place in the boat, or thinking of «rowing without rowing», please refer to the Coxie Handbook. It also contains a lot of interesting information for non-coxies who really want to understand their boats.

Safety Quiz

Think you know how to row safe? Take this short quiz and test yourself! Take The Quiz!