The Collingwood Learn to Row program is designed to introduce participants to the sport of rowing, teaching proper sculling technique for anyone that has no prior rowing experience.

The program includes 8 hours (two 4-hour sessions) of small group coaching.

We will cover equipment handling and safety, getting in and out of the boat, stroke sequence, rowing, backing, turning and docking.


Requirements for Joining our Learn to Row Program:   

  • Participants must be in grade 8 or higher

  • No upper age limit

  • Minimum height is 5 feet or 152 cm tall

  • Able to swim 250 metres

  • No prior rowing experience is required



(Includes Full Season's

Club Membership)

Safety, Benefits and Progression:

  • Safety: All Learn to Row sessions are taught by a qualified coach.

  • Benefits: Learn to Row is a program that stresses the importance of teamwork and commitment to a crew, as well as improves fitness.

  • Progression: Once you have completed the Learn to Row Program, you can join regular rowing sessions at the Club, where skills, technical ability, and fitness can be improved.

Schedule & Reserving Your Spot:

Owing to fluctuating COVID-19 regulations, for the latest information on status and timing and Learn-to-Row program, and to reserve a spot, please contact: