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Our Club welcomes anyone interested in learning, having fun

and being part of a team.  Families are welcome too!

We offer a variety of programs, including:

Learn to Row for youth and adults, Coaching Development, Training Instruction

and Coxswain Development.


We row in the protected Collingwood Harbour in Georgian Bay

and our facilities are close to the shore.


You’ll find our membership rate is in line with other

fitness activities in the area.  

See you on the water!

Why do people row?

  • Rowing combines a full-body fitness sport with a recreational activity, offering a complete physical and mental conditioning program all in one.

  • Rowing requires minimum skills to get started yet will continue to challenge you.

  • People of all ages, sizes and physical limitations can learn to row and achieve a level of accomplishment that is both physically beneficial and personally rewarding.

  • Rowing is good for the soul – it’s refreshing being out on the water and getting exercise during three seasons.    

Rowing is an incredible physical

& mental activity

Rowing is fun!

  • Rowing is fun. Joining a rowing club is a great way to meet new people and get in shape! Our members have ranged in age from 12 to 90-years old with a broad range of interests, backgrounds and experience.

  • Athletes injured in other sports have found a happy home in a boat. The smooth action of rowing is kind on the body. 

  • Getting out on the water eases stress, promotes mental strength and mental health.

IMG-9848 (2).jpg

“Nothing beats seeing the sun rise and starting your day on the water.” 


—  Tom

For more than 15,000 years, the First Nations walked upon, and cared for, the lands we now call home. Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Ojibwe, and many others who were families, friends, and communities, the way we are today. The Town of Collingwood acknowledges the Lake Simcoe-Nottawasaga Treaty of 1818 and the relationship it establishes with the original inhabitants of Turtle Island. We acknowledge the reality of our shared history, and the current contributions of Indigenous people within our community. We seek to continue empowering expressions of pride amongst all of the diverse stakeholders in this area. We seek to do better, and to continue to recognize, learn, and grow, in friendship and community, Nation-to-Nation.

Many thanks to the Town of Collingwood for the use of the land that houses our facilities on Birch Street.

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